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Gloupii ? It is also...

A small group of enthusiasts


Restaurants and daily specials’ enthusiast, Michael has taken full advantage of his experience in digital marketing to provide a fun and convenient solution to restaurant owners and thus bring Gloupii to life !

His favourite Gloupii :

Gloupii Waiter


Born and raised in Dijon, burgundian at heart, Maxime brings all his business skills and his vision of NICT to ensure that Gloupii is accessible to all restaurant owners !

His favourite Gloupii :

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“It is the funniest Gloupii, don’t you think?”

The idea of Gloupii came from a simple question: how to find out restaurants’ daily menu if those have no website, or don’t communicate on a Facebook page ? And even if they do have a website or a Facebook page, it is limited to those who know the website address or who like the Facebook page.

We really needed a tool capable of providing real-time information in an overall way without necessarily going out or calling the restaurant ! And if possible, a tool which is user-friendly !

This was the beginning of Gloupii !

Our values

A convenient, free and funny service for users

A dynamic community which is constantly evolving !

Many surprises, gifts and animations on the app.

A strong partnership between the restaurants and Gloupii through a free and easily accessible service.

A constant innovation to always bring greater satisfaction to users and restaurant owners !


Gloupii is everywhere, but its headquarters are in Dijon! It was not a choice by accident; Dijon is not only about mustard!

Dijon is a dynamic, gastronomic and student city... In short, it is the ideal location for Gloupii, an app modelled on a dynamic and growing city !

Obviously, we have great ambition we want the whole France, and even more, to take advantage of Gloupii !


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