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Gloupii adjusts to you !

Traditional restaurant ? Fast-food restaurants ? Food Truck ? Gloupii can adapt to suit to your restaurant !

You don’t offer daily menus? That’s not a problem ! Gloupii will enable you to highlight a menu or merely a dish !

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A growing community looking for good deals, at noon as well as in the evening !

Gloupii users are already numerous and online registrations continue to grow !

By being active on Gloupii, you are bringing additional visibility to your restaurant regarding a large community of users who are looking for good deals for lunch and dinner !

No negative opinion, only “miams” !

We have decided to limit users’ opinion so that it can only be made on a positive note. This positive note is indicated by the “Miam” button to let users show that one of the restaurant’s menus is well-liked !

In addition, users can add several restaurants to their favourites to access their daily menus more quickly !

An ideal and easy-to-use interface !

We have discussed, with the restaurant owners, about an extremely easy, smart and user-friendly interface in order to bring lightness to your account management.

At the slightest problem, we are at your disposal to guide you as best as possible in your Gloupii experience.

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Plan menus in advance !

Your admin includes a timetable which allows you to plan your menus (or dishes) up to 15 days in advance; they will then be automatically published on our menu. Like this, you can enter your menus earlier this week for the upcoming week and you do not have to worry !

If in the meantime your menus have changed it’s not a problem ! You can simply make a modification in the schedule !

Save time !

You usually publish your daily menus on your restaurant’s Facebook page? You don’t want to make it redundant and waste time ?

So it is not a problem there, too! Gloupii can handle the automatic publication of your daily menus on Facebook, in the same time as published on your Gloupii menu !

Comprehensive statistics on your business !

You want to know all the information relating to your activity on Gloupii? It is only normal! We have worked hard to provide you relevant statistics and ratios with regard to your menus and your restaurant page !

Find users’ favourites menus, the number of visits, of “Miam”...

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