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Gloupii ? It’s you !

Register for free and discover the daily menus wherever you are !

Thanks to geo-tracking, Gloupii help you to quickly find the daily menus offered by the restaurants around you ! It is perfect to plan a meal with colleagues, friends or all alone !

If you do not want to use geo-tracking, you can directly look for the restaurant you want ! Gloupii can always adjust to you !

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Evolve your Gloupii and collect
various levels !

Gloupii is not only a service; it is also
this little character :

When you register on Gloupii, you are starting at level “Gloupii Kitchen Porter” Score a maximum of points by interacting with the app, pass the levels and find out the various and funny levels that await you !

When you unlock a new Gloupii, it is automatically added to your cast of Gloupii !

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Challenge your friends and reach the top of the rankings !

With the Facebook and overall rankings of players, you will love to challenge your friends. And, who knows, you might become the best of the best on Gloupii ?

Your favourite restaurant is not on the map ? Sponsor it !

Gloupii has a sponsorship system to allow you to invite your favourite restaurants to register on the Gloupii app ! By sponsoring a restaurant, you will win lots of points and it will benefit from a discount on its subscription !

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Receive the « Miam » card !

You are climbing the ranking ? You are earning points ? Receive your MIAM CARD at your house, when you pass level 30 !

Thanks to the MIAM CARD you can benefit from little “VIP” bonuses when eating at participating restaurants !

Surprises and gifts !

We will constantly have some surprises and gifts for you in order to make your experience on Gloupii fun and practical! Evolve on the app, share Gloupii with your friends and reach the top levels, where lots of gifts are awaiting you !

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