Users FAQ

How it works ?

Gloupii is an usefull and fun app that can help you to find a restaurant around your position and find all the meals they suggest !

How to use it ?

You can use Gloupii by the website or by downloading the mobile app, available on Play Store and App Store.
If you are on the website, fill the form with your adress or the adress expected for your lunch (it can be a place like a cinema, stadium… or just where you are working).
If you are using the app, be sure the GPS option (or Location) is activated to allow the app to localise yourself.

How to sign up ?

You can create an account, it’s free ! Go to and you can choose to log in with your Facebook account or simply by email + password.

How to proposing a restaurant ?

In it’s collaborative mind, Gloupii have an option that can allow you to proposing a restaurant on the app !
You will find a personnal link in your account that you could send to a restaurant.
If this one sign up, you’ll earn 100 pts ! The best way to get the better rank !

What’s the Miam Card ?

The Miam Card, that’s what you will never use something else to find or plan your restaurant lunch.
The Miam Card will allow you to enjoy bonus, on presentation of this famous card, when you eat at participating restaurants offer Miam Card.
When you sign up and fill the entire form in your account setting, you will receive by mail (or by dowloading) your Miam Card for Free !

How to obtain the Miam Card ?

You just have to sign up and fill the form with your informations to activate the download link and recieved your Miam Card by Email.
You will be able to print it or presenting directly the Miam Card on your phone at the restaurant manager and waiter, to have access to the offer that the restaurant propose.

How to earn points and going up in the ranking ?

Just by using Gloupii, it’s simple like that !
Some small missions are proposed for inviting you to explore all the Gloupii’s features and earn points in same time !
Add a restaurant in your favorite, add a MIAM on a menu, explore restaurants page, use Gloupii everyday… every interaction with the website or the app can make you earn points !

But… why earning points ?

It is the fun part of Gloupii ! We have imagined a special ranking between all the Gloupii’s users !
If you have linked Gloupii with your Facebook account, you can even challenge your friends ! the points allow to level up and every ten level, your Gloupii avatar will evolve too !

Why there is restaurant without menu proposed ?

There is few issues for that :

  • The restaurant do not propose daily menu today
  • The restaurant is closed
  • The restaurant manager forgot or missed to fill the daily menu form

The website can’t geolocalise my adress, what can i do ?

It’s possible that some adresses can’t be recognized. In this case, the solution is to try another adress next to your adress, you will find easily the restaurant around anyway !

A restaurant manager do not respect his daily menu planning (price, meal, …) what can i do ?

You can report to the Gloupii Team this kind of problem by using the link « Report ».

What is the button « Miam » ?

The « Miam » are the « Like » of Gloupii ! A meal seems to be good or you have taste it and liked it ? Do not hesitate to report your good opinion to the restaurant manager by using the Miam button !

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