Restaurant FAQ

Why using Gloupii for my restaurant ?

Because it’s easy. Because it’s useful. Because it’s fresh, like your meal. Because it’s FREE !
Gloupii is a simple but innovative tool to boost your digital communication and SEO !
It’s another way to stand out, sharing your daily menu to a eater community !

But if i don’t make daily menu ?

No problem ! You can simply share a suggestion from your card or even your specialty ! There is an option to publish a recurring menu ! Cool, right ?
Do not hesitate to contact our team, we wiil be glad to help you to fin the best way to communicate with Gloupii !

Can i plan my daily menu few days before ?

Yes, sure !
Gloupii integrate a menu planner to allow you to enter your daily menu up to 15 days.
For example, if you are planning your menus Monday morning for the all week, vous will not have to worry during the week, Gloupii will published your menu every day automatically !

I have a Food Truck, does Gloupii manage my adresses changes ?

Of course !
With Gloupii, you can save, from your backoffice, all the adresses you use for your food truck. Then, from your menu planner, you’ll just have to pick the good adress for the good day ! Easy, we said ! :)

I’m restaurant manager, how can i subscribe my restaurant on Gloupii ?

You just have to follow this link : and fill the form.
After submitting, you’ll discover your Gloupii backoffice, complete your restaurant informations (service schedules, adresse, description, photos, accepted payments…).

I encounter an error / i’m blocked !

If you are in trouble or if you have any issues concerning Gloupii, do not hesitate to contact our team :

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